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Protecting Tahoe’s shoreline: make your voice heard

May 3, 2018

Lake Tahoe’s shoreline is unique. Its beaches, cliffs, forests and rock outcrops are where most of Tahoe’s 24 million annual visitors experience the Lake.

Starting May 8, there’s a new role for you in the effort to protect Tahoe’s shoreline, when Tahoe officials will begin accepting public comment on the proposed Shoreline Plan.

The proposed plan is intended to provide key guidance around the future construction of structures for boating access—which includes a wide variety such as boat ramps, piers, buoys, marinas, boat lifts, boat houses, and slips—as well as policies related to non-motorized boating on Lake Tahoe and the management of aquatic invasive species.

In engaging in the development of this new plan, the League’s priorities were that the plan develops rules that are easy to follow and easy to enforce, and that environmental mitigation is tied directly to environmental impacts. It also our to hope reduce conflict among users—boaters, paddlers, swimmers, and everyone else— out on Lake Tahoe’s waters.

League experts have had a leading role in shaping the proposed plan. Some of the policies in the draft plan that the League has prioritized have included:

  • Policies to ensure that marina projects include environmental benefits, such as requirements that the marinas employ industry best practices, be current on all permits, and that they have a plan for the management of aquatic invasive species.
  • Programs to improve the enforcement of the Lake’s no-wake zones.
  • Policies to provide access for boaters during periods of low lake levels without resulting in the establishment of new permanent structures

Make your voice heard
Visit Speak up for the protections that are most important to you at public hearings or in writing. Together, we can Keep Tahoe Blue. Comments are due by July 9, 2018.

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