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Outdoor recreation surges at Tahoe amid delays in trail maintenance

Claire McArthur, Tahoe Daily Tribune
June 5, 2020

Back in early spring, Cowork Tahoe co-owner David Orr was excited to have earned his avalanche safety certification and hit the backcountry, especially since the resorts had shut down their operations as COVID-19 cases began cropping up around the country.

“It made my family nervous having me out there, and if something did happen, there’s no way to keep your distance during a rescue operation, so I stopped,” said Orr. “In a big way, all of this has impacted how much risk we take. You stick to doing things that you’re comfortable with and not likely to get stranded or injured or need a rescue.”

It’s a sentiment that’s carried over into mountain biking season for Orr, who has noticed a huge increase in people out using the trails.

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