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Opinion: Rep. Kevin Kiley – “Keep Tahoe Blue”

Rep. Kevin Kiley | The Grass Valley Union
November 29, 2023

…For over 50 years Presidents, Governors, Senators and Representatives from both parties have worked in a bipartisan manner to protect the natural beauty and wonder of the lake. But we must remain vigilant. Time and again and year after year, we face wildfires, flooding, mudslides, invasive species, and so much more. For California’s natural resources and great treasures such as Lake Tahoe, it is critical we preserve this area not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.

The conservation practices which begun at Lake Tahoe in 1969 are an example of what a successful federal, state and local partnership should be. Earlier this year at the Lake Tahoe Summit, I announced that I am co-sponsoring the Lake Tahoe Restoration Reauthorization Act (LTRRA)…

Above and beyond the LTRRA, I have also submitted two projects included in the House Interior Appropriations Bill to replace deteriorating water lines and install new fire hydrants in the Lake Tahoe Basin. These projects will further enhance fire safety and ensure clean water supplies…

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