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More litter in Tahoe than meets the eye

By Katelyn Welsh | Tahoe Daily Tribune
April 26, 2024

In a test of human versus machine, volunteers evaluated their beach cleanup efficacy against the beach cleaning robot, BEBOT. Volunteers gathered all the trash they could find on a stretch of Nevada Beach. Then, it was BEBOT’s turn. Human volunteers retrieved 30 pieces of trash, BEBOT captured 300.

“What that is highlighting is really not an issue with what was conducted with the human-powered cleaning, but,” JT Chevallier, co-founder of ECO-CLEAN Solutions said, “there is an ugly story that exists just below the surface of the sand that we might not be seeing.”

The ugly story sat on a slide behind him. It read, “…there is more litter in Tahoe than meets the eye.”

The slide was part of a larger presentation Chevallier provided in February at the Tahoe Beach Club regarding his company’s highlights and goals.

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