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Large graffiti vandalism discovered at Cave Rock

Claire McArthur, Nevada Record-Courier
May 22, 2020

Cave Rock, an iconic geologic formation on Lake Tahoe’s East Shore and sacred site to the native Washoe Tribe, was recently vandalized with graffiti.

On May 15, a hiker came across a large graffiti, estimated to be 8-by-12-feet, that appears to read “kush nuck” in red and yellow spray paint. After posting the picture on Facebook, the picture quickly garnered hundreds of comments from disappointed and upset users.

But for Tahoe resident Chris Kennedy, seeing the vandalism online was a call to action. Kennedy headed out to find the graffiti at Cave Rock, located along the backside of the rock near the top, and spent three hours scrubbing with Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover and a wire brush.

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