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‘Hibernating trash’: Lake Tahoe clean up events net low amount of waste

Ashleigh Goodwin | Tahoe Daily Tribune
March 28, 2023

The League to Save Lake Tahoe hosted two cleanups this past weekend, one at Heavenly Village and another at the Spooner Summit sled hill, which kicked off their volunteer season and supported Clean CA Community Days, an 11-day event sponsored by the Governor’s Office.

A combination of volunteers from Tahoe Blue Crews and Take Care Tahoe and community members and visitors helped clean those areas from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, and Chris Joseph, communications director for the League came away from Spooner surprised with the little amount of waste, but he remains concerned about trash being layered into the snow like a lasagna.

As layers of snow melt, more will be revealed, he said.

“Spooner was wonderfully free of tons of garbage, we expected mountains and heaps,” Joseph said, and added that volunteers were not met with their typical “multi-colored plastic carpet” made up of wantonly discarded unwanted sleds. “It was good to see the place just look like a snowy hill for once, it’s clean for now, but not for good. We could surmise that the dumpster and port-a-potties the League funded for the winter season are helping to divert that waste out of the environment.”

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