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‘Demand is almost endless’: These Tahoe shuttles are giving out free rides

by Julie Brown Davis | SFGate
June 2, 2024

Cars and roads are among biggest negative impacts affecting Tahoe’s clarity. Most of the time, Gavin Feiger rides his bike to get around South Lake Tahoe, even in the middle of winter. But sometimes, when the weather is exceptionally bad or he needs to get to a meeting for work, he opts for another way to get where he needs to go. He opens up an app on his phone and orders a ride from South Lake Tahoe’s free microtransit service, Lake Link.

Shuttles like Lake Link are becoming Tahoe’s most successful mode of public transportation. They’re free, on-demand, ride-share shuttle services, called “microtransit,” that thousands of people use every month to get around Lake Tahoe, while leaving their cars at home.

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