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Chile Clean Lakes: the challenge of studying and protecting lakes in southern Chile

Veronica Droppelmann, Ladera Sur
April 20, 2020

(Translation) Chile Clean Lakes is a foundation that seeks to preserve Northern Patagonian lakes, preventing their contamination, guaranteeing the health and availability of these bodies of water. They focus on 23 lakes, carrying out monitoring, environmental education and communication work. All this work is done under a public-private collaboration, based on the experience of decontamination of Lake Tahoe, in California, United States. Why is it important to protect lakes? What are your threats? How is Lake Tahoe similar to the North Patagonian lakes? Find out everything about this initiative here!

Always imposing, some pristine and with intense blue colors, the lakes of southern Chile are a characteristic part of the landscape of this area. El Llanquihue, Villarrica, Colico, Ranco, Calafquén and Panguipulli are just some of those that can be mentioned, and which are probably for many destinations not to be missed when visiting some cities or national parks.

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