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Bigger, Badder Storms Coming in Years Ahead, and California is Right in Their Path

Kurtis Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle
July 15, 2020

California’s wild weather swings, from pounding rain to drought and from fires to floods, are widely expected to worsen as the climate warms. A new study shows just how severe things might get, and it’s not pretty.

The biggest of Pacific storms will dump 40% more rain and snow on parts of the Sierra, boost the hourly rate of precipitation in hills and valleys nearly a third, on average, and be about 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer upon landfall, the research shows.The findings, distilled from models of the weather phenomena known as atmospheric rivers, mean that a worst-case storm scenario, on par with the Great Flood of 1862 that turned the Central Valley into a raging sea and took countless lives, is an increasingly real possibility.

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