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Alpine Caribbean: Lake Tahoe’s majesty in the eyes of a photographer

Sarah Heise, KCRA 3 - Sacramento
November 29, 2017

Note from the League: We are so grateful to Peter. For years, he has generously donated use of his extraordinary images of Lake Tahoe to support our efforts to Keep Tahoe. 

KINGS BEACH, Calif. (KCRA) — Lake Tahoe is known world-wide as a skier’s paradise and alpine destination where the serenity of the deep blue water meets the majesty of the towering pines that sway in the Northern California breeze.

Many of us take for granted living so close to this natural beauty as we load up our swimsuits for some sunbathing at the lake in the summer and prepare our skis and snowboards for some epic powder runs.

However, for Crystal Bay resident and professional photographer Peter Spain, he sees the Lake Tahoe area with a very unique eye. Spain captures incredible photos of the lake and mountain scenery, with its beaming colors and eye-catching splendor everywhere you turn.

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