Innovative Solutions to Improve Transportation in Tahoe

Improving Transportation | Keep Tahoe Blue | May 18, 2020

In a special webinar moderated by the League's Darcie Goodman Collins, an expert panel of non-profit and business representatives explored ways that innovative thinking, fresh ideas and pilot programs can help advance Tahoe transportation in the immediate future, while ensuring new programs protect the Lake environment and Keep Tahoe Blue. You can view the full webinar above.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe brings its innovative, science-to-solutions apprach to tackling Tahoe's transportation challenges, including bringing Lime's bike and scooter-share system to the South Shore in 2017.

This virtual event was the fifth installment of a webinar series hosted in May, 2020. In the first four installments, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency offered a window into the future of Lake Tahoe’s transportation system. Each part in the series – from trails and transit, to technology and communities – explored a different aspect of the Regional Transportation Plan, the vision that will guide transportation in the Tahoe Basin for the next 20 years.

Gavin Feiger - League to Save Lake Tahoe, Senior Policy Analyst
Stephen Murray - Downtowner/Mountaineer, CEO
Jonathan Hopkins - Lime, Director of Strategic Development—Northwest
Kira Smith - Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Associate Transportation Planner

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