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63 Years of Keeping Tahoe Blue

ASJ Staff, Adventure Sports Journal
August 24, 2020

If a visit to Lake Tahoe is on your post-COVID agenda, rest assured that the League to Save Lake Tahoe has continued to monitor and protect the lake during these uncertain times. They’ve been protecting the lake for over 60 years. Without their hard work there would be a four-lane highway ringing the lake, and close to a million more people living on its shores. If you love Lake Tahoe, you love the League dedicated to protecting it, even if you don’t know them yet.

You probably know their bumper sticker though. An iconic image of the lake and the words “Keep Tahoe Blue.” The League has distributed over three million of them and they adorn water bottles, bumpers and bear boxes around the world. It’s been translated into three languages. “Keep Tahoe Blue” has become the rallying cry for lake lovers everywhere. But the League to Save Lake Tahoe does so much more than make stickers.

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