Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days

Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days

Hands-on restoration that protects Lake Tahoe’s watershed

Held each spring and fall, Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days improve the health of Tahoe’s forests, meadows, marshes and streams, restoring their function as natural filters for pollution.

Projects include planting trees, stabilizing stream banks, restoring multi-use trails, preventing invasive species from taking over our forests and more. We select restoration sites based on environmental need, with emphasis on ensuring that earlier restoration efforts are taking hold.

The end result of our work is a healthier, better functioning landscape that protects the water quality and clarity of Lake Tahoe.

How you can restore Tahoe's ecosystem

Why it matters

A group of volunteers celebrate.

Many of Tahoe’s natural pollution filters – its meadows, streams and marshes – were damaged by unchecked development in the 20th century, along with forests that were clear-cut in the 19th century. Ecosystem restoration is key to bringing back the Lake’s natural filtration system, creating a healthy and safe fire regime, and ridding the environment of harmful invasive species. When Tahoe’s natural environment is functioning and healthy, it makes the ecosystem resilient and better able to withstand catastrophic wildfire, buffer increasing visitor impacts, and adapt to the local impacts of a changing climate.

Watch restoration in action
Catch a glimpse of volunteers healing Tahoe's forests, streams and meadows at past Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days. Click on any of the videos to see them do their magic.