Tahoe Boating App

Boat like a Tahoe Pro

Know before you boat.

Boating and Paddling Season is Here!

This year, we are looking forward to a much safer season than the recent past, thanks in part to the free Tahoe Boating app.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), in collaboration with the League to Save Lake Tahoe and Clean Up The Lake, developed the app to inform boaters about Lake Tahoe, the location of marinas and gas stations, area attractions and how to enjoy the Lake safely and responsibly, including observing no-wake zone boundaries.

The app grew out of the 2018 Shoreline Plan. Read about it here.

  • What's Allowed on the Lake
    TRPA has a page with helpful resources about the use of watercraft – both motorized and non-motorized – at the Lake.
  • Navigating Between the States
    Find boating rules and etiquette tips for Nevada and California, provided by the Tahoe Water Trail.
  • Water Temps, Waves and Currents
    The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center created the Lake Conditions tool, which provides projected and real-time info.

Prevent Invasive Species Infestations

Eyes on the Lake

The single largest threat to Lake Tahoe’s water quality and clarity are aquatic invasive species, including shellfish, weeds and fish. These harmful ecological invaders can stow away on your boat, kayak, trailer or paddleboard, and find their way into Big Blue. Learn more about aquatic invasive species at Tahoe.

It’s crucial to clean, drain and dry your watercraft before launching. Visit tahoeboatinspections.com for more info. In case you missed it: Lake Tahoe boat inspection appointments can now be made online.

You can help the League tackle aquatic invasive species by joining our Eyes on the Lake citizen science monitoring program.