Citizen Science Tahoe App

Protect Lake Tahoe while you play

Despite its stunning beauty, Lake Tahoe is threatened – by aquatic invasive species, litter, stormwater pollution and climate change. To Keep Tahoe Blue, the League and our partners rely on science to understand and combat these threats. And that’s where you come in.

While you enjoy Tahoe’s beaches, blue waters or soaring mountains, report what you see – both the good and the bad – using the Citizen Science Tahoe app. With online platforms, citizen scientist volunteers can collect and share important data about their surrounding environment. You can help researchers by taking a few minutes to report what you see around the Lake, whether it’s an algal bloom, cloudy water, invasive species or litter on the beach.

Every report makes a difference. Get started today.

Scroll down to see what you can report through the web app.
  • That's Not Natural
    That's Not Natural
    Do you see litter, graffiti or other human impacts where they shouldn’t be? Did you pick up litter? Your reports will drive solutions for these “hot spots,” including community cleanup events.
  • Eyes on the Lake
    Eyes on the Lake
    Have you spotted aquatic invasive weeds? Report your sightings of these aquatic invaders to help prevent Tahoe’s blue waters from turning a murky green.
  • Pipe Keepers
    Pipe Keepers
    Lake Tahoe is losing water clarity to stormwater pollution that runs off roads and urban areas. Protect the Lake by reporting polluted runoff.
  • Water Quality
    Water Quality
    How does the water look? When the water is not clear, it can point to localized erosion or other problems that may require more investigation.
  • Algae Watch
    Algae Watch
    Do you see any algae? Understanding the location and timing of algae growth can help us better control it.
  • Stories in the Snow
    Stories in the Snow
    Share your snow crystal images.
  • Drink Tahoe Tap Where?
    Drink Tahoe Tap Where?
    Find or report a water refill station.
  • Wildfire Ashfall
    Wildfire Ashfall
    Track wildfire ash and help scientists demystify fire weather.
  • Mountain Rain or Snow?
    Mountain Rain or Snow?
    Send us updates in real-time to share whether it is raining, snowing or a wintry-mix.

Start sharing your observations today to help protect Lake Tahoe