Tahoe Blue Business Hotel & Resort Program

Tahoe is a global destination that receives more annual visitors than any national park – and those visitors can impact the environment. By becoming a Blue Business, your hotel or resort can lead your guests to a Lake-friendly vacation and Keep Tahoe Blue.

Below is a list of options for how your hotel or resort can partner with Keep Tahoe Blue. Please think of this as a menu, rather than a checklist. No matter where you are in your journey to be more “Lake-friendly,” we’re excited to work with you. If you have other ideas of how we can protect the Lake together, let us know.

  • Share Blue

    Get the word out to your guests about how to Keep Tahoe Blue: 

    • Put the Keep Tahoe Blue message on the TV welcome screen in guest rooms or provide Keep Tahoe Blue educational handouts/posters to guests. 
    • Play our educational videos at company events, concerts, fairs, festivals, or at other opportunities.
    • Designate 1-3 “Blue Stewards” that would go through a training about the Lake and the League’s mission, enabling them to share information and answer guest queries effectively. The Blue Steward could train their peers by facilitating trainings at orientation.
    • Put the Keep Tahoe Blue message on the TV welcome screens in common areas or on key cards or key card packets.
    • Purchase our glassware to use in guest rooms or hotel restaurants.
    • Sell Keep Tahoe Blue merchandise in your lobby or gift shop.
    • Promote our events on your website and event calendars. 
    • Host themed events or evenings dedicated to Lake Tahoe conservation, featuring guest speakers from the League and interactive activities. For example a “Tahoe Blue Hues” watercolor lake painting experience while learning about how to save it.
  • Join Blue

    Contribute to on-the-ground cleanup and restoration work by: 

    • Volunteer staff time at a cleanup, restoration, or other League-sponsored event. 
    • Build guest outings around Keep Tahoe Blue programs, like a beach cleanup or a paddle trip to look out for aquatic invasive species. 
    • Encourage guests to attend our events and participate in volun-tourism.
    • Reward guests with discounts or prizes for taking actions that Keep Tahoe Blue.
    • Provide discounts for those who are traveling to Tahoe to participate in League-sponsored clean-up and restoration events.
    • Initiate joint projects with the League, such as creating educational materials or installing signage around the hotel promoting environmental awareness.
    • Arrange educational tours for hotel guests, led by League representatives or an educated staff member, to showcase the environmental features of the hotel property, Lake Tahoe, and the challenges it faces.
  • Be Blue

    Reduce your impact on the Lake and support your community: 

    • Reduce waste, litter, and pollution.  
    • Don’t sell/offer/provide single-use plastic water bottles. 
    • Remove all single-use plastics and polystyrene items from rooms and dining areas and replace them with reusable glasses and cutlery, or one of our recommended alternatives. 
    • Use bulk shampoo/conditioner/soap dispensers in all rooms.
    • Install co-branded water refill stations in lobbies. 
    • Utilize “zero-waste” methods at your company events. 
    • Be vocal about the importance of mitigating your environmental impact and leaving things better than you found them. 
  • Support Blue

    Help protect Lake Tahoe by providing much-needed funding: 

    • Create a Keep Tahoe Blue guest package. This package would include special amenities and gifts for the guests, and a portion of the proceeds would go to help the League.
    • Organize special fundraising events at the hotel, with ticket sales and donations contributing to the League’s cause.
    • Allocate a percentage of each booking fee to be directly donated to the League.
    • Launch seasonal campaigns, such as “Summer for Tahoe,” where a portion of profits during specific months is donated to the League.
    • Give guests the option to donate to the League when checking out.
    • Implement campaigns where the hotel matches guests’ donations to the League during their stay.
    • Provide guests the opportunity to “round up to Keep Tahoe Blue” when making purchases in the hotel, such as on food, drinks, experiences, etc.

Ready to be a Tahoe Blue Hotel? Connect with us and learn how, together, we can build a sustainable future and make sure Tahoe doesn’t get loved to death.

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