Tahoe's Frontline Workers

Together, we make Tahoe resilient

We interviewed the folks on the frontlines of the pandemic in Tahoe - the firefighters, nurses, hospitality workers, park rangers and others whose work keeps our community safe, strong and open.

Hear from these inspiring individuals as they share their perspectives, experiences and reasons for doing what they do. And please, share a kind word of gratitude next time you bump into a frontline worker. In these times, their leadership is priceless.

Together with frontline workers and the Tahoe community, we make Tahoe resilient.

These frontline workers were featured as part of the 24th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit. CLICK HERE to view the entire event.

Thank You to Tahoe's Frontline Workers

Charlotte, hospitality worker

Chris, boat inspector

Sumo, barista

Theresa, store clerk

Jude, Boys & Girls Club

Clive, Fire Chief

Allen, Nevada Ranger

Casey, hospitality

Travis, police officer

Kris, boat crew

Daryl, nurse

Debbie, restaurant owner

Loretta, Tahoe Blue Crew Volunteer
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