Our Core Volunteers

We are the League | Core Volunteer ProgramSince 2014, the League has used our Core Volunteer Program to recognize our most dedicated volunteers — those individuals who have given at least 15 hours in their first year volunteering with the League. Active Core Volunteers continue to work at two or more events each year. Some have given more than 50 hours of their time and effort to protect Lake Tahoe.

Collectively, our core volunteers have spent over 3,000 hours helping to Keep Tahoe Blue. We are proud to highlight our core volunteers and share their outstanding work.

Ready to get involved? Contact us at events@keeptahoeblue.org, fill out our short registration form or check our events page frequently for the next opportunity.

Core Volunteers

Featured Core Volunteers
Krystle Heaney
Krystle Heaney
Why do you volunteer to protect Lake Tahoe?
I volunteer so that I can stay engaged with my community, protect this beautiful place that I call home and make new friends.  
Casey Metkovich
Casey Metkovich
What’s been your most memorable experience as a volunteer? 
Seeing the different seasons here and seeing the progress of the volunteer work grow. 
Christian Eckert
Christian Eckert
What’s your favorite place at Lake Tahoe?
All of Lake Tahoe is beautiful, but there's nothing quite like the view of the lake at Emerald Bay. It's a great place to see how breathtaking the lake really is. 
Active Core Volunteers

Volunteers who have given 100 hours or more

William Beall Loretta Friedel Casey Metkovich Naomi Morgan
Christian Eckert Krystle Heaney Phillip Metting Van Rijn
Patty Psilopoulos
Fritz Eriksen Daniel Mendoza Kim Metting Van Rijn Leonard Smith

Volunteer who have given between 50-99 hours

Kirsten Bradford Tara Dobyns Chad Laurence Philip Olivieri
Barbara Brown Bob Harms Lynn Lawrence Dana Spencer
Suzanne Crowley Debbie Klee Deborah Olivieri Meghan Walsh
Kathryn Daly      

Volunteers who have given up to 49 hours

Toby Brown Pat Disney Charles Moffet Edita Sirusaite
Phil Carrol John Garofalos Victoria Monteleone Elaine Welch
Kelci Crutchfield Linda Goodman Soloman Nunnally Kimberly Zeman
Karen Cutter Sherry Hao Jon Ross  
Russ Dahler Khoi Le Nickolas Rury  
Chris Disney Aimee Leskovic Laura Schlim  
Legacy Core Volunteers
Dan Arce Elisa Escobar Ryan McCrone Sam Ross
Sherrie Atkinson Jeff Fairley Meredith Murray Denise Schutte
Sierra Bedwell Larissa Harter Diana Nehls Lacy Stenzel
Amanda Bunte Thomas Hoke Simon Norton Donielle Stevens
Tristan Burnham Edmonds Jeff Cindy Ochoa Sharon Sullivan
Gabriel Chavez Deborah John Jesse Phillips Ronald Valencia
John Dayberry Sophie Kirschenman Greg Psilopoulos Brian Walker
Shaunte Dittmar Kristi Jouett Lannette Rangel Russ Wigart
Jeff Edmonds Mike Mancillas Evelyn Rincon  
Dylan Eichenberg Tom Maugeri Ian Rollf  

For more info and to volunteer, contact events@keeptahoeblue.org.

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