Cole Dickison

Cole Dickison

Science Data Coordinator

Cole works with the Senior Science Policy Analyst and Community Engagement team to collect, analyze, map and leverage data from the League’s range of citizen science programs to advance the League’s mission to Keep Tahoe Blue. Cole’s role as Science Data Coordinator is crucial to activating the wealth of science data gathered by League volunteers and staff, and to maximizing its potential to guide environmental efforts and build Tahoe’s body of scientific knowledge.

Cole holds a degree from UC Santa Barbara in Geography with an emphasis on Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Technologies. He previously worked with the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center on various hydrology field research projects, and with the UC Santa Barbara Meso-American Research Center. He has continued his education since graduation by working toward his Scientific Research Diving certificate with AAUS. Cole joined the League in the summer of 2022.

A lifelong California resident and Tahoe-lover since 2000, Cole and his significant other live in a fixer in Truckee. In his free time, he loves to mountain bike, rock climb, snowboard, free and scuba dive, sail, backpack, hike and to play any sport with a ball.

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