Protecting the Shoreline

Lake Tahoe is encircled by a very narrow band of scenic shoreline beloved by beach-goers, boaters, and outdoor recreationalists. Sadly, pollution from land-based sources like stormwater runoff and trash are leading to algal blooms, fine sediment pollution and the spread of aquatic weeds along Tahoe’s shoreline. Learn more about our current programs and how you can be a part of the solution below.

Eyes on the Lake is the League's volunteer program to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive plants in Tahoe's waters. If you are a water lover in Tahoe (SCUBA diver, paddler, swimmer, beachgoer, or boater) and...

The League hosts beach cleanups throughout the summer as well as every September in honor of the national Coastal Cleanup Day, which has been a huge success year after year. Lake Tahoe’s beaches need attention...

Regular beach cleanups are one of the easiest ways to help our most valuable resource. Debris on the beaches and streets can easily find its way to the lake and adversely impact lake clarity, water quality, and native plants and wildlife. Public participation in cleanups is part of basin-wide environmental stewardship initiatives.
Pipe Keepers is a volunteer-based pipe outflow monitoring program. The program examines pollution levels in water being released from storm drains throughout Tahoe's shoreline and its tributaries to see which are the most polluting.
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