Bi-state cooperation, SB271, SB229 and SB630

AspenThe League’s number one priority in 2013 was to ensure that Nevada and California continued to work together on mutual environmental goals and policies. A Nevada law, SB271, which was passed in 2011, threatened to withdraw the state from the Compact, which created the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and provides for uniform environmental regulation on both sides of the state line.

In May 2013, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and California Governor Jerry Brown announced a deal to end the stalemate and ensure the states continue to work together. The League supports this compromise because it protects strong and uniform environment regulation of the region. 

Preserving the Tahoe Compact is the best way to protect Lake Tahoe. It provides the most certainty for Tahoe’s communities and will speed the implementation of environmental improvements included in the new regional plan.

California Senate Bill 630 and Nevada Senate Bill 229

In 2013, several Nevada senators introduced SB229, a bill to repeal SB271. The League to Save Lake Tahoe and Nevada Conservation League worked with legislators to move the bill toward passage. Also in 2013, California senators introduced SB630, which provided a backup plan in case the provisions of SB271 took place and the Compact dissolved. The bill would have created a California Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to oversee land use at Lake Tahoe. Now, as amended, it is the sister bill to SB229 and implements the compromise agreed to by the two states to preserve the TRPA. The California Legislature unanimously passed SB630 in September, 2013 and Governor Brown signed it in October, 2013.

Environmental leaders support SB630

SB630 received support from California's highest environmental leadership, including Senator Pavley, Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Feinstein and Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird. In Nevada, the companion bill, SB229, was passed with broad support, including Senator Harry Reid and the state's top environmental group, the Nevada Conservation League. 

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