Yes on Prop 68 to Keep Tahoe Blue

Yes on Prop 68Update: California voters passed Prop 68 on June 6. Learn more.

Lake Tahoe is a national treasure, but it faces many environmental threats.
Now, the changing climate is adding additional stress—and California has a responsibility to act.

On the June ballot, Californians will have a chance to vote on Prop 68—a $4 billion investment in the coming years to protect California’s unique natural resources and ensure they are protected from the growing threat of climate change. A threat that Lake Tahoe, one of the world’s most beautiful yet vulnerable lakes, knows all too well.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is part of a statewide coalition working to pass Prop 68, and we urge California residents to vote YES on June 5 to protect what is best about California—our unique open spaces, forests, trails and lakes.

Prop 68 dedicates up to $147 million towards Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada region, the largest investment in the area in over 15 years, to preserve and protect the iconic area for generations to come.

Prop 68 prioritizes areas impacted by climate change, including Lake Tahoe,through environmental restoration. Lake Tahoe's waters are warming 10 times faster than historic trends. There are more frequent and larger algal blooms. Unwanted aquatic invasive species grow quicker and spread farther.

Please vote YES on Prop 68. Learn more at Yes on 68.
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