Regional Plan Update – Implementation

The regional plan is a set of zoning regulations defining how much development will be allowed within Lake Tahoe, including height and density limits, coverage (building footprint) limits, and limits on commercial and hotel square footage. The plan restricts development to within set urban boundaries. The plan aims to fix mistakes of the past by providing incentives to allow for more development in some areas in exchange for removing development from ecologically sensitive areas. 

Local area plans are meant to allow each community to develop design standards within these zoning regulations to reflect the wants and needs of that community.  Area plans are also intended to streamline permitting and realize the specific environmental goal of the regional plan within those areas including coverage reduction, restoration of sensitive lands, and compliance with ordinances requiring environmental improvements to capture and filter stormwater.

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View the final maps of the 2012 adopted regional plan.

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General comments:

2013 League comments on residential allocation system revisions

City of South Lake Tahoe

July 2014 comments on Tahoe Valley Area Plan

July 2013 comments on Tourist Core Area Plan

August 2013 additional comments on the City of South Lake Tahoe's Tourist Core Area Plan

August 2013 comments on the South Shore Area Plan Findings

Meyers / El Dorado County

July 2013 comments on draft Meyers Area Plan

April 2013 comments on the Conservation Element of the Meyers Area Plan

Douglas County

February 2018 comments on scoping notice for the Tahoe South Events Center Project

July 2017 comments on US 50 Community Revitalization Project DEIR
 (Loop Road)

March 2013 comments on draft master plan amendment

June 2013 comments on the TRPA and Douglas County MOU

June 2013 comments on initial environmental checklist and explanations

July 2013 supplemental comments on Douglas County South Shore Area Plan Initial Environmental Checklist

June 2013 comments on Douglas County South Shore Area Plan Package

July 2013 supplemental comments on Douglas County South Shore Area Plan Package

July 2013 comments on Tahoe-Douglas Area Plan II

Placer County

November 2016 Comments on Additional Squaw FEIR Responses and Request to Deny

November 2016 Comments on Placer County Area Plan FEIR | Attachment A | Attachment B

August 2016 Comments on Final Environmental Impact Report for Squaw Valley Specific Plan
- Cover Letter

July 2015 Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan

June 2015 Comments on NOP EIR Placer Area Plan and Pilot Project 

August 2014 comments on Placer County Tahoe Basin Community Plan NOP

July 2014 Comments on the draft Martis Valley West Area Plan

June 2014 Comments on Northstar Master Plan FEIR

June 2014 comments on Placer County Policy Document

April 2014 comments on Martis Valley EIS notice of preparation

January 2014 comments on Placer County Framework

May 2013 comments on Placer County Area Plan

October 2013 comments on the Land Use Element of the Placer County Area Plan


June 2012 Executive Summary of comments on the RPU DEIS (Please contact the League office for the full comments.)


October 2011 comments on threshold amendments


October 2010 Conservation Alternative cover letter

October 2010 Conservation Alternative Executive Summary

October 2010 Examples of progressive ordinances from outside Tahoe

May 2010 Conservation Community land use comments


November 2009 Public Records Act request on Regional Plan documents submitted to Army Corps

November 2009 Regional Plan public process comments

December 2009 Public records act request follow up
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