Location of Brockway ProposalUpdate: the land on which Brockway would have been constructed is to be sold to the U.S. Forest Service

The League to Save Lake Tahoe opposes the proposed Brockway development, which would locate a 104-acre resort camping complex in an inappropriate location on the north rim of Tahoe’s basin. We were happy to see more than 200 people turn out in opposition when the proposal was discussed at the September 23, 2015 meeting of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency after we published an August op-ed and shared our extensive comments via email and social media. We encourage concerned members of the public to contact decisions makers with TRPA and Placer County to speak up against this ill-conceived development. 

The project proposal is inconsistent with the goals and policies of the 2012 update to the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan, in which stakeholders agreed on the importance of concentrating Tahoe redevelopment in our town centers, leaving our more remote open spaces less developed. Building the 550-site Brockway development as proposed would concentrate thousands of visitors at a hard-to-reach destination far from any of Tahoe’s town centers. The proposed project does not even meet the regional plan’s definition of a campground. 

Please say NO to Brockway:
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Contacting decision-makers at TRPA and Placer County.

The Brockway proposal is subject to review by TRPA. We encourage you to send an email to governing board members with your concerns. You can find more information about the governing board, its members, and their email addresses, on the TRPA website.  

Placer County also must approve the Brockway proposal. You may find contact information for the Placer County supervisor for the district that includes the Brockway land on the Placer County website

We encourage you to consider the following tips in delivering effective letters to officials:
  • Be respectful, courteous, and brief. 
  • Narrow your argument to one or two points, and frame them in a question. 
  • Review any facts you intend to cite to ensure their accuracy. 
Suggested points to make:
  • Note that you oppose the Brockway proposal.
  • Ask for oversight and robust public review over the decisions around the proposal’s next step. 
  • Ask how TRPA (or Placer County) review will include an opportunity for formal public input. 
  • Include any concerns you personally have. Convey your perspective, and indicate if you are a resident or a visitor to the area. 
Here are further tips for writing effective comment letters. 

Tips for writing an effective letter to the editor

The opinion page is among the most widely read sections of most newspapers. Letters to the editor are an excellent tool for successful advocacy.
  1. First, see above for our suggestions for writing effective letters to public officials on this topic, which are relevant for letters to the editor. 
  2. Only send your letter to one newspaper. 
  3. Wherever possible, refer to an article that has been recently printed on the same subject in the newspaper you have selected. 
  4. Brevity is key. Ensure your letter meets the length requirements of the newspaper you have chosen. Shorter letters are more likely to be published, and less likely to be edited for length. Regardless of limits, we advise you to limit your letter to not more than 150 to 200 words. 
  5. If they select your letter, the newspaper’s editorial staff may want to contact you to confirm publication. Be sure to include your name, hometown, email address and phone number. 
Links to instructions for Tahoe area newspapers:

Planning Documents for the Brockway Proposal

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