Area Plans

ahoe City waterfront photo Local jurisdictions in Tahoe are busy developing Area Plans for the region’s communities. These present a vital opportunity for you to have a voice in how your corner of Tahoe grows. Will the Lake get all the protections it needs? Will your community have the look and feel you and your neighbors want? 

A requirement of Tahoe’s Regional Plan, local Area Plans are meant to allow each community to develop design standards within these zoning regulations to reflect the wants and needs of that community. By participating in the public process for your own area plan, you can shape the character of your neighborhood and help Keep Tahoe Blue.

Now being implemented, the Regional Plan has a Committee – a subset of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board – to guide and track implementation. The League monitors Committee proceedings and review plans and policies that must conform with the Regional Plan such as individual projects, transportation plans, the Shoreline Plan, Code of Ordinance Updates and Area Plans.

Find out more about your jurisdiction’s efforts to develop area plans:

Tahoe City waterfront photo "Lake Tahoe" by Bev Sykes under CC 2.0.
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