Tackling Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species have already established themselves in Lake Tahoe and are changing the Lake’s environment in ways that degrade water quality and our famed clarity, while making conditions more hospitable for other invasives that outcompete Tahoe’s native species. The League has made tackling invasive species a top priority. Our in-house scientists are actively involved in decision making on this issue in the Tahoe Basin and contribute to the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinating Committee and the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Program. Learn how you can join our efforts to help Keep Tahoe Blue below.

Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort.

Aquatic invasive plants in the lagoons of the Tahoe Keys are growing out of control and are spreading to Lake Tahoe. Unchecked, they threaten to destroy Lake Tahoe’s native ecology, pristine water quality and famous clarity.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe and our partners in the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinating Committee have collaborated to produce an annual summary of the current threats to Tahoe from aquatic invasive species. 

The Lake Tahoe Restoration Act has been a keystone of the effort to protect and restore Lake Tahoe's clarity. With the goal of funding boat inspections, reducing stormwater pollution, restoring wetlands and Lake Tahoe's....

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