Plastic waste cuts probably headed to California ballot as advocates give up on Legislature

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San Francisco Chronicle | Dustin Gardiner | Sep 12, 2020

A pair of bills aimed at reducing plastic waste failed at the 2020 legislative session. Proponents are now pushing for an initiative. Photo: Michael Short / Special to The Chronicle

SACRAMENTO — After the California Legislature killed bills designed to combat plastic pollution for the second year in a row, environmentalists say they’ve concluded the fight might be unwinnable at the heavily lobbied state Capitol.

Instead, they’ve resolved to take the battle to voters, with an initiative aimed at the 2022 ballot.

A pair of identical bills, AB1080 and SB54, died as lawmakers squabbled with hours left before they adjourned for the year. The bills were designed to phase out some of the most commonly nonrecyclable plastics: flimsy single-use packaging and items such as cups and utensils.

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