New laws: Tobacco banned at Calif beaches; minimum wage rises, rent control, felons can vote in Nevada

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Tahoe Daily Tribune | Laney Griffo | Jan 1, 2020

“Cigarettes are one of the most commonly found pieces of litter at Lake Tahoe,” the League to Save Lake Tahoe Chief Strategy Officer Jesse Patterson said.

Many new laws went into effect on Jan. 1, both in Nevada and in California. Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak signed 638 new bills during the 2019 legislative session and California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed almost 1,200 new bills.

One law that should have a significant on Lake Tahoe is Senate Bill 8, a law that bans cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products at California beaches.

Every 5th of July, the League to Save Lake Tahoe and other volunteers clean up some of the more popular beaches. In 2019, 5,458 cigarette butts were collected.

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