Keep Tahoe Blue endorses proposed Tahoe City Lodge

Oct 24, 2016:
The League to Save Lake Tahoe has endorsed the proposed Tahoe City Lodge.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe has endorsed the proposed Tahoe City Lodge.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known by its iconic slogan “Keep Tahoe Blue,” has endorsed the proposed Tahoe City Lodge project as a model for Tahoe-friendly development.

“Given its location, its environmental benefits and the collaborative process that surrounded its development, the Tahoe City Lodge proposal stands as a model for how developers should proceed at Lake Tahoe,” said Darcie Goodman Collins, PhD, the League’s executive director. “This is the type of Lake-friendly project we envisioned for Tahoe when the League supported the Regional Plan Update in 2012.”

The project applicant, Kila Tahoe LLC, has proposed building the Tahoe City Lodge on the site of a partly-vacant, dilapidated shopping center and parking lot in the Tahoe City business district. A key feature of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s 2012 Regional Plan Update called for redevelopment to be concentrated on urbanized land in town centers, reducing pressure on Tahoe’s limited open space and making it more convenient for visitors to bike, walk or ride local shuttles to shop, dine or enjoy Tahoe’s outdoor destinations. Traffic has become a dominant source of pollution, including fine sediment and nutrients, that harms lake clarity.

Through the project’s collaborative approach, the Lodge developers have also committed to investing in efforts that will rehabilitate nearly two acres of sensitive lands in Tahoe City, restoring its capacity to act as a natural pollution filter for Lake Tahoe — functions that have been lost in past decades as older developments destroyed the Basin’s meadows and marshes.

“We love Tahoe and are excited to be designing a project that will serve not just the local community, but will also benefit the Lake. With our partners and the local community, we are making history with the first new lodging project in Tahoe City in 50 years,” said Samir Tuma, Managing Member, Kila Tahoe, LLC.

Additional Lake-friendly features of the Tahoe City Lodge project will include parking arrangements to minimize the amount of paved surface area, traffic-demand management steps such as transit passes for staff members and amenities designed to encourage guests and staff to ride bicycles instead of driving, such as changing facilities for staff who commute by bicycle, high quality bicycle parking facilities and a bike program designed to provide guests with easy access to bikes.

“We are hopeful this becomes the new norm, where we’ll see more Tahoe projects that will include components to drive environmental restoration and reduce pollution that threatens the Lake,” said Collins. “Kila Tahoe is demonstrating that both Tahoe’s economy and our environment can benefit from redevelopment.”

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The League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known by the slogan “Keep Tahoe Blue,” is Tahoe's oldest and largest nonprofit environmental advocacy organization. The League is dedicated to community engagement and education, and collaborating to find solutions to Tahoe's environmental challenges. The League's main campaigns include combatting pollution, promoting restoration, tackling invasive species and protecting Tahoe's shoreline. 
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