Tahoe development deserves scrutiny

Aug 25, 2015:
Alexis Ollar, Tom Mooers and Darcie Goodman Collins
Reno Gazette-Journal
Aug 26, 2015

Let’s be clear about one thing. We all love camping.

But we all have a shared responsibility to carefully assess any major new proposal, from campgrounds to casinos, to make sure they don't threaten the Tahoe Basin and the lake itself.

That’s why we wanted to engage the Tahoe community when we saw a proposal to locate an enormous 120-acre resort camping complex with nearly 100 RV pads, nearly 100 structures, and resort commercial development in a remote location on the north rim of Tahoe’s basin.

Tahoe has a regional plan with goals to reduce traffic and cut pollution from cars and trucks. The key idea is to concentrate Tahoe redevelopment in our town centers, leaving our more remote open spaces less developed. One hope is that more visitors can enjoy their stay in one of our towns, and be free to leave their cars parked and walk or bike to our beaches and restaurants.

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Alexis Ollar is the executive director of Mountain Area Preservation. Tom Mooers is the executive director of Sierra Watch. Darcie Goodman Collins, Ph.D. is the executive director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

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