EVENT FULL: Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day - Fall

Saturday, September 26 | 8:30 am - 1 pm

TFSD Volunteers

This event is now closed to adhere to proper physical distancing and safety guidelines. All projects are now full.

What we are doing: Volunteers of all ages and skill levels are invited to help us celebrate National Public Lands Day through this fun, hands-on restoration event. By pitching in, you will help improve ecosystem function and the wildlife habitats that surround Lake Tahoe. Healthy forests and meadows act as natural pollution filters to Keep Tahoe Blue.

Participants at the Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day event will help assess the work done from this Summer and last Fall as well as continue important work.

Below are the descriptions. Volunteers do not need previous experience to participate in the projects.

  • Easy level project: Litter pickup (15 people) - PROJECT FULL
    • Project: Join the Tahoe's Trash Pickup Challenge to celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Month and the end of summer. Meet us to supplies and then head out to cleanup in the zone around the meadow.
    • Tools: Grabbers, gloves, bags, data cards, pencil.
  • Medium level project: Willow staking and fascines (10 people) - PROJECT FULL
    • Project: The project is to harvest, process and install willow stakes to stabilize the streambanks of the Upper Truckee River. Willow stakes and willow fascines will be installed along approximately 200 feet of river in two locations to provide long-term stabilization of the stream banks. The project will include harvesting willow poles, processing willows into stakes, building fascines, transporting stakes and fascines, and staking or securing fascines.
    • Tools: loppers and hand shears for harvesting and preparing the willow stakes, twine for assembling the fascines, buckets for transporting the willow stakes, rebar and mallets for planting the willow stakes, and watering cans to wet the staked willows.
  • Hard level project: Past cattle grazing fence and biomass removal (20 people) - PROJECT FULL
    • Project: Volunteers will remove old fence posts that are still up from the cattle grazing days. Help protect Tahoe's wildlife by carrying out T-posts (about eight pounds each). A few volunteers will be removing small Lodgepole Pines to help retain the meadow along the river. Lodgepole pines, while native to the area, are encroaching upon the meadow, trying to convert it to a forest. This is happening because human activity has reduced flooding along the river and suppressed fire – both natural processes that would keep pines out of a wet meadow.
    • Tools: T-post poppers and shovels to remove the T-posts as well as rock slings and wheelbarrows to carry the T-posts. Also, loppers for cutting seedlings, handsaws for cutting saplings, hard hats and glasses for safety when tall trees are felled and wheelbarrows to help remove cut trees from the meadow.

What to bring: sturdy boots, long pants and long sleeves, sunglasses, work gloves (if you have them), a face mask for the event, a full reusable water bottle and a helmet if you are working on the biomass removal project.

We provide: safety materials, sanitation materials, clean gloves, training, sanitized equipment, wrapped snacks, TFSD swag and an online raffle for volunteers.

Partners: Tahoe Resource Conservation District and Whole Foods.

Further details: Details will be sent closer to the event date to registered volunteers. We will be monitoring the AQI to ensure that we are working in safe air quality the morning of the event. Volunteers under 18 will need to have a guardian sign the waiver and the volunteer must bring the signed waiver to the event. The guardian may also attend the event and can sign off for the minor at the event.

For questions or more information, email events@keeptahoeblue.org.

Safety and physical distancing guidelines:

We’re all in this together. When we follow the guidelines and put forth the effort we can keep ourselves healthy, keep the community healthy, and Keep Tahoe Blue.

When taking part in any League activity, event or program, please follow physical distancing guidelines:

  • If you have a cough, fever or any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone that has displayed these symptoms, please stay home.

  • Maintain six feet of distance between you and others at all times.

  • Sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue. If those aren’t available, use your elbow.

  • Wash hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer.

  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or engage in any unnecessary physical contact. (Bummer, we know)

  • Wear a face cover.

The League is committed to providing safe, fun and meaningful events while pursuing our mission to Keep Tahoe Blue. To safeguard the health of our volunteers, staff and community, we have aligned our events procedures and preparation with the most current public health guidelines from governments and scientific organizations. 

To protect our volunteers and community, the League will: 

  • Stay home if we have a cough, fever or any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone that has displayed these symptoms, and will urge our event attendees to do the same

  • Ensure equipment is regularly cleaned with disinfectant and laundered, especially prior to each event

  • Regularly sanitize frequently touched surfaces

  • Ensure our staff wears face masks and gloves before and during events

  • Abide by social/physical distancing guidelines

  • Provide signage for best practices and reminders for infection control at the event

  • Provide sanitization materials, including hand sanitizer and gloves 

  • Stagger check-in areas to prevent large groups from forming

  • Mark six-foot spacing intervals at check-in areas

  • Minimize material handling and handoffs

  • Provide more extensive online trainings and materials in order to maintain physical distancing at events

  • We will provide first aid kits, but not first aid assistance

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