Tahoe Blue Crew Leader Training

Monday, September 2 | Training 10 - 11 am

Location: Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe

Be part of the solution by joining Tahoe Blue Crew and taking action to remove litter from your Lake Tahoe community!

Tahoe Blue Crew empowers and supports community members to conduct cleanup efforts that protect Lake Tahoe. Join us for a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader training and get involved!

You will learn how to become a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader, the process for scheduling clean up events, checking equipment in and out, and collecting data for your site. We will also help you develop your personal approach for planning, promoting, organizing and developing your Blue Crew efforts. You will walk away with a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader welcome kit after signing a pledge agreement and waiver.

One hour trainings are offered twice per month at the League office or a North Shore location and are open to the public. Private trainings can be provided on an as-needed basis. To schedule a private training, please contact us at tahoebluecrew@keeptahoeblue.org

For more information on Tahoe Blue Crew, go here.

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