Circumnavigate Lake Tahoe for Science

Tuesday, June 21 | Saturday, June 26

Kayak Lake Tahoe in 7 day trip segments to support the
Citizen Science Tahoe App:

Join Scott Fitzgerrell and the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, Director, Geoff Schladow, as they kayak around Lake Tahoe in support of the Citizen Science Tahoe app. Paddlers will travel counterclockwise in 6-10 mile segments to circumnavigate the lake over seven days. ​You are welcome to join for as many days as you are able. Paddleboards and canoes are also welcome

During each day, paddlers will have the chance to collect valuable water quality, algal growth, and microplastics data. Science specialists will be there to update you on the latest findings.

Participants are responsible for bringing their own watercraft, personal protective equipment (floatation device while on the water and a mask while on the land), food, beverages, and planning their own transportation to/from the departure and arrival sites. It may be possible to coordinate pick-up and drop-off logistics.

Please download the Citizen Science Tahoe App prior to joining if you wish to participate in the science data collection.

Social distancing will be observed during this time.



Tenatative Itinerary:

Day 1 - Monday, June 21
Route: Sand Harbor State Park WP 138 to Carnelian Bay WP 104
Distance: 7 miles
Sand Harbor's day-use entrance fee: $10.00 per vehicle (Non-NV Vehicles: $15.00 per vehicle)

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 22
Route: Carnelian Bay WP 104 to William Kent Beach Access WP 80
Distance: 6.5 miles

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 23
Route: William Kent Beach WP 80 to Chambers Beach WP 64
Distance: 6.5 miles

Day 4 - Thursday, June 24
Route: Chambers Beach WP 64 to Bliss State Park WP 57
Distance: 6 miles

Day 5 - Friday, June 25
Route: Bliss State Park WP 57 to Pope Beach WP 37 *possible detour into Emerald Bay
Distance: 6 miles
D.L. Bliss's day-use entrance fee: $10.00 per vehicle

Day 6 - Saturday, June 26
Route: Pope Beach WP 37 to Cave Rock WP 1 *pending decision on Glenbrook access
Distance: 8 miles
Pope Beach's day-use entrance fee: $8.00 per vehicle ($4 for Seniors & access pass holders)

Day 7 - Sunday, June 27
Route: Cave Rock WP 1 to Sand Harbor WP 138
Distance: 10 miles
Cave Rock's day-use entrance fee: $10.00 per vehicle

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