The Keep Tahoe Blue Brand and Trademark

The League to Save Lake Tahoe's famous tagline “Keep Tahoe Blue; is integral to our brand identity. For this reason, the League has trademarked the phrase to ensure that those wishing to support our nonprofit organization are easily able to identify the League and do so and are not confused by goods sold by others.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe (the League;) uses the KEEP TAHOE BLUE; design and word marks for its protection and conservation advocacy services as well as merchandise that it sells to promote and sustain its protection and conservations advocacy services.  The League has over 6,000 members throughout the United States who support its endeavors, many of whom along with non-members proudly display on their vehicles bumper stickers with the KEEP TAHOE BLUE; design mark. Through its use of the KEEP TAHOE BLUE; design and word marks for at least 18 years, the marks have been well-known, widely recognized and famous.  Accordingly, the KEEP TAHOE BLUE® design and word marks are entitled to strong protections under both federal and state trademark laws, dilution laws and unfair competition laws. Any unauthorized use of our design or word mark is trademark infringement.

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