Warm Welcome from Keep Tahoe Blue

A resource for realtors welcoming new homeowners to Tahoe

Jewel of the Sierra

It can be tricky to find the perfect welcome gift for clients. Let the League make it easy for you.

Our gift options reflect the unique beauty, distinct character, and pleasure of living in Tahoe. Best of all, they help protect this special place we are fortunate enough to call home.

You can play an important role in connecting new community members to our mission. Each of us, whether born and raised here or just arrived, have a role to play to Keep Tahoe Blue.

We invite you to join us by purchasing a membership and welcome gift for your clients. Every purchase helps spread awareness about issues important to preserving and protecting the Lake, and supports our efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue.

What puts Lake Tahoe at risk? Heavy visitation leads to endless traffic that tears apart our roads and pumps out emissions that contribute to algae blooms and a loss of the Lake’s world-famous clarity. Recently, Tahoe has been hit by an explosion of litter – especially to-go food waste, plastic sleds, and disposable masks. Climate change is warming the Lake’s waters faster than ever, creating a welcoming environment for harmful invasive plants to spread, and threatening to turn Tahoe’s deep blue waters a murky green.

We invite you and your clients to live the Keep Tahoe Blue lifestyle.

Thank you for standing with us as we work to make Lake Tahoe resilient to human impacts, climate change and whatever the future has in store.

For more information about the challenges facing Lake Tahoe and what we’re doing to Keep Tahoe Blue, please explore our efforts to advance restoration, combat pollution, and tackle invasive species. Your donation will help protect and preserve Lake Tahoe now, and for future generations.


Together, we Keep Tahoe Blue.
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