Trans Tahoe Relay – July 13, 2024

Sand Harbor Nevada State Park
July 13, 2024
July 13, 2024 July 13, 2024 Trans Tahoe Relay – July 13, 2024 aghndlWLQzjyALbkcmny151637

You can help protect Lake Tahoe by supporting the League’s lake-saving work – and we’ll show our gratitude by outfitting you with special gear.

– Personally donate $25 or more to earn an exclusive Keep Tahoe Blue swim cap.
– If every swimmer on your team donates individually, you’ll earn a signature flag and the right to proudly call yourselves a KEEP TAHOE BLUE BOAT!
– For the team who raises the most money, each member will receive a very special gift to keep Tahoe close to home.

Together, we will Keep Tahoe Blue.


The Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay is one of the most unique open water swimming events in the world. In 1976, Olympic Club Members decided to challenge each other to a team race across beautiful Lake Tahoe. Soon after, other clubs were invited to join this annual “Invitational Relay” event. Today, the Trans Tahoe Relay is seen as a landmark of open water events.

One of the things that makes this race so special is the distinct natural beauty and stunningly blue water of Lake Tahoe. The Olympic Club and League to Save Lake Tahoe partner for this event to protect and preserve the Lake – so in 50 more years, the Trans Tahoe Relay will be just as special as it is today.