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Each year the Tahoe Basin sees 15 million annual visits, including hundreds of thousands on busy summer weekends. The region attracts visitors from every region of our state, including many Californians who own homes in the area. The resident population is approximately 55,000.

Wildfire, smoke, and extreme weather events such as winter storms and summer heat, threaten the fragile ecosystem. Meadows, wetlands, and streams play a major role in the region’s ecosystem to protect Lake Tahoe’s water clarity. Lake Tahoe is under extreme stress from years of drought and the catastrophic Caldor Fire, followed by a record breaking snow pack. Tahoe’s pristine water quality and natural resources are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of the warming climate and it is therefore essential that we continue to build the tools it needs to be resilient.


CA Tahoe Alliance

The California Tahoe Alliance (CTA) is a group of 11 organizations including utilities, local governments, non-profits, and community organizations. CTA is committed to working with policymakers to address pressing issues facing the Tahoe Region, including:

Restoring the lake’s clarity in the face of climate change

Promote equitable access to recreation opportunities

Reducing wildfire risk and promote forest health

Increasing water and transportation infrastructure

Creating resilience for the Tahoe Basin’s ecosystems

Managing demands on recreation in a fragile watershed


Preparing for Climate Impacts

In the last five years, some of the largest wetland restoration projects have been initiated including the Upper Truckee River Marsh, the Taylor Tallac Ecosystem Restoration, and Meeks Bay Ecosystem Restoration. CTA seeks to ensure that funding be directed to the California Tahoe Conservancy, as a vetted and trusted state agency, to distribute funding to priority and shovel-ready projects. The projects will achieve climate resilience goals as identified in adopted regional climate, wildfire, invasive species, and other plans. These funds are crucial to providing a match to meet the funds provided by Nevada, the federal government, local government, and the private sector for the Environmental Improvement Program, an unparalleled partnership working to achieve the environmental goals of the Tahoe Basin.

Enhancing Water Infrastructure

The majority of water systems in the Tahoe Basin were developed between 1930 and 1950 and, despite ongoing infrastructure investment by the public utility districts of the Tahoe Basin, significant portions of the Basin are still served by a patchwork of small, geographically isolated, and undersized water systems that do not meet modern firefighting requirements. CTA supports legislation that would accelerate the work to create fire-resilient communities within the Tahoe Basin. Significant infrastructure projects are necessary to improve:

  • Fire hydrant coverage
  • Upsize water distribution pipelines
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Create interconnections between water systems to meet firefighting needs

Improving Transportation

Improving transportation in Tahoe is a top priority as traffic congestion and parking deficiencies negatively impact water quality and the resident and visitor experience. In 2017, California and Nevada convened a bi-state consultation with public and private partners to accelerate transportation improvements at Lake Tahoe. The Transportation Action Plan that analyzed priority projects and services identified the need for $400 million in transportation improvement projects over 20 years.

CTA supports securing sustainable transportation funding that will establish transit operations, advancing innovative transportation solutions (microtransit and electrification), increased passenger rail to Tahoe, and expanding bike paths around the region.

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