Our Staff

Zack Bradford

Senior Science Policy Analyst

Zack leads the League’s science-based advocacy on stormwater, aquatic invasive species, restoration and climate change and represents the League at relevant working groups and public forums. Zack also oversees the League's citizen science programs, program data management and GIS mapping.

Zack has worked in the environmental non-profit field since 2004, working on a variety of environmental issues, including nonpoint source pollution, forest management, endangered species conservation, and invasive species management. Before joining the League, he worked as a policy analyst for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he helped end the shark fin trade in California. Zack holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management degree and has extensive experience in the field, as well as in policy and advocacy.

When not in the office, Zack is outside as much as possible and thoroughly enjoys living here in South Lake Tahoe. He joined the League’s staff in 2015.
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