Our Staff

Soloman Nunnally

Outreach Assistant

Soloman advances the League’s activities to inform and engage the community in support of the improvement and protection of water quality in the Tahoe Basin. He plays a key support role for events and trainings associated with the League’s citizen science programs, the Keep Tahoe Blue Schools education program, Earth Day outreach, Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days, and the League’s beach and community cleanups.

Soloman is a multi-year volunteer with extensive experience in community outreach development. Through his work as a mentor with a local youth outreach program, and longstanding role as a core volunteer with the League before joining our staff, he has continuously worked to build a greater relationship between our community and our beautiful Lake. Sol is currently attending Lake Tahoe Community College, with a focus on environmental technology and sustainability. He joined the League's staff in 2018. 
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