Our Staff

Jennifer Laurence

Operations Manager

Jennifer is responsible for overall operations and management of the League’s facilities, information technology, grounds, building maintenance and the Education Center & Store. She supports the organization with the hiring process, the orientation of new employees and the organization's finances. Jennifer plays an integral behind-the-scenes role to keep the League’s staff functioning well together as a team. She joined the League’s staff in 2012.

Jennifer has worked in the nonprofit world since 2001 in various capacities including program staff, advocate, service director, grant writing and management, administrative work and now operations manager. She has always been drawn to organizations with a cause, organizations that help those without a voice from the homeless, substance users, abused women and children and now Lake Tahoe. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Ithaca College.

Jennifer comes from a small town within New York’s Adirondack Park, the largest publicly protected area in the lower 48 states. There were 12 students in her graduating class.
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