Our Staff

Emily Frey

Citizen Science Program Coordinator

Emily has an integral role in the League’s natural resources program and its efforts to improve and protect the water quality and natural resources of Lake Tahoe and its watershed. She coordinates operations for the League’s citizen science programs and events—Pipe Keepers, Eyes on the Lake and Snapshot Day—and supports the League’s volunteers within these programs through trainings, communications and volunteer appreciation events and activities throughout the year.

Before joining the League in 2018, Emily worked as a resource conservationist with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District, as an education program associate with the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, and as a plant science technician with the California State Parks in the Tahoe Basin. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Emily enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, crafting and playing with her dog.
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