Our Staff

Ashleigh Lynn Goodwin

Development Associate

Ashleigh works with the League as a Development Associate, ensuring every gift is humbly received and properly appreciated.

Ashleigh is a Renoite by birth but a Tahoenian by all other accounts. After three months living in Hawaii as a missionary, she returned to her hometown only to move to Tahoe the following year. You’ll notice a flower in her hair displaying the love of Jesus and the Aloha spirit as much as possible. She graduated summa cum laude from Sierra Nevada University as a Valedictorian Nominee and started her own marketing business during the global pandemic.

Ashleigh enjoys singing with her church, music, writing, reading, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, camping (basically all things outdoors) and adventuring with her husband Joshua and their son Ryland.

She has a passion for the preservation and sustainability of the Lake Tahoe area and its #TahoeStrong community.

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