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The League to Save Lake Tahoe has expert staff who are well-versed in speaking to reporters, members of the media and the public on a wide range of Lake Tahoe related subjects from Lake clarity and climate change to Tahoe policy and community engagement. Please see below to learn more about our in-house science and policy experts. To arrange an interview or schedule a presentation, email media@keeptahoeblue.org.

Darcie Goodman Collins, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Darcie earned her doctorate at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation addressed the chemical, biological and ecological character of water bodies to determine how environmental science can integrate with community engagement to inform public policy. She is from Lake Tahoe, and has been with the organizations since 2012.

Areas of Expertise:

environmental science, community engagement, public policy, Lake science, water science, water policy, management, women in science, women in STEM, leadership

Jesse Patterson

Chief Strategy Officer

Jesse received his Master of Environmental Science and Management from the Donald Bren School at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Bachelor of Science in aquatic biology from UCSB. His thesis focused on the application of environmental economics for incentive-based management of coastal fisheries. His previous professional experience includes working for the the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, a federally recognized Indian Tribe, where he was responsible for directing their natural resource, alternative fuels, solid waste and education/outreach programs and six years as a marine biologist for an interdisciplinary research lab at UCSB whose science informed the design of the California marine protected areas. The common link for all of Jesse's work has been the application of science in policy, decision making and community-wide change for betterment of the environment and people. He is from the central coast of California and has been with the organization since 2012.

Areas of Expertise:

science policy, public policy, federal policy, environmental science, community engagement, aquatic biology, management, program development, organizational strategy and growth, environmental negotiation, citizen science, communications, education, higher-education

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